Veggie Buntch

I recently started a community driven vegetarian blog called Veggie Buntch. The idea to start something like this has been brewing for some time, and after many long discussions with my partner, Alex, who is the person behind the development of the site, we finally managed to get off our lazy bums and get something up and running.

It is worth noting that this is just a basic version, and we have many more ideas that we are going to implement over time. (The concept of perpetual Beta will probably apply!) We also initially decided to use a design template (so there are a few bugs here and there). The reason for this was so that we could get something up quickly as we didn’t have the time to implement our own custom design.

It has been up for about a month now, and has proven to be a fun and engaging project. I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have come on board as contributors, and the slowly, but steadily increasing number of twitter followers, facebook “likes” and newsletter subscriptions.

The basic idea behind the site is the belief that if the content is good enough – people will come. And so far, so good. With the growing number of contributors, who all bring their own passion and creativity to the site, I am hopeful that over the coming months (and years) the site will continue to grow and develop.

I am also learning as I go along about how to effectively use social media in the right way, to grow the site.

Also, while I have a working knowledge of how the various social platforms are intended to work – Veggie Buntch is putting that knowledge into action.

I hope to share some of these insights as the site progresses and as I discover what really goes into harnessing social media – in the right way – to grow your site’s fan base.

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