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Here’s my latest app review, republished from Vodacom now!. I have found very helpful in staying on track with my goals over the last few months.

Firstly a disclaimer: an app can’t fix all your problems. No matter how wonderfully intuitive and amazing an app is, unfortunately it can’t actively step into your life and slap the last slice of pizza out of your hand before you stuff your face.

Ultimately, motivation and commitment comes from within and it’s a long, hard struggle to build positive new habits like exercising more regularly, eating better and cutting down on your particular poison, be it sugar, caffeine, smoking or alcohol.

But the app – and the strong community and coaching element it has built in– could give you that extra little nudge to help you stay on track.

Community is key

Formerly called Lift, I first downloaded the app about a year or so ago. It looked great. You set up any goal that you want to achieve, like losing weight, exercising more, meditating or flossing your teeth, and check in every day that you did that activity. The app keeps track of how many times you check in and serves as a nice reminder of your progress.

It worked well for me but, inevitably, I stopped checking in, deleted the notifications that popped up on my phone and soon fell back into most of my unhealthy habits. This year I decided it was time for a change and thought I’d give Lift another chance. Now called, the app has a new focus on community and coaching.

In an interview with Wired, tech founder Tony Stubblemine, describes how the social aspects of the app, like giving other users ‘props’ for checking into a goal, started becoming more and more popular and led to a total re-launch that focused on the power of community rather than the technology alone. ‘You just don’t give people enough credit for how helpful they can be and how helpful they want to be,’ said Stubblemine.

And that’s exactly what’s been working for me.

Connecting with users around the world

Whatever habits you’re trying to build or break, there are people across the globe facing exactly the same challenges. They have fantastic advice based on their personal experiences to share. Since reconnecting with the app, I have made huge strides in my own goals. I am convinced that it’s the human connection that facilitates, in addition to the nifty tracking aspect of the app, that’s making the difference.

A completely new component of the app is that you can hire a personal coach for US$14.99 a week. While I haven’t yet tried the one-to-one coaching function – I’ve found the community enough motivation – the advice from many of my community interactions is that hiring a coach has given them the extra motivation to get over difficult moments.

It’s just the push you need to throw that slice of pizza to the ground and grab a carrot.


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2 Replies to “The app reviewed”

  1. Real Nice, i really like the app but this app only focuses on specific goals and habits like weight loss, meditation etc but as you know everyone has a goal and all of them want to achieve them, and writing goals can come handy for anyone, so they should broaden up their scope, whereas to all those people i would advice to use though they still don’t have any coaches but there you have a community.
    anyways i loved the article Laura!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I will take a look at Link a Goal. There are definitely things that could be improved on Coach – for example being able to message people privately – but I’ve found it useful 🙂

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